Instructions for use of the site

Rules for buying an account with us

1.1. The Boxid service GUARANTEES:

– The full validity of the account (check the accounts at once).
– Sale of accounts in the hands;
– Replacing accounts in case of invalidity because of The Boxid store fault. Namely: the account is blocked, deleted, incorrect credentials to login into the account, ACTIVE guarantee (ACTIVE guarantee = NOT canceled guarantee).

1.2. The following use is FORBIDDEN for the accounts purchased on the The Boxid website:

– Use your original (local, home) IP address;
– Use VPN services (paid, free, built-in (opera-VPN), and others);
– Use an anonymous TOR browser;
– Use virtual machines, device emulators, and servers (VPS, VDS);
– Use IPv6 – proxy, common proxy, public proxy;
– Use proxies and devices obtained illegally (including, but not limited to – botnets, etc.);
– Log in to 2 or more accounts using 1 device and 1 proxy server;
– Use accounts to harm other people (including, but not limited to – bullying on social networks, comment spam, threats, etc.) and to commit other illegal actions (including, but not limited to – fraud, extortion, data theft, etc. d.).

1 legal private IPv4 proxy server and 1 new device (new UserAgent, cookie, specialized program) MUST be used for 1 account.

1.3. The Boxid and its employees do not provide training and advice.

1.3.1 The The Boxid service and its employees do not store accounts and the history of sold ones. The customer must take care of the preservation of the data himself.

1.4. The Boxid and its employees have the right to do:

– Not to change the initially valid accounts. If you logged into your account and did something there, and your account was blocked after, the problem is most likely on your side;
– Not to give a refund for purchased valid accounts. If you want to get a refund or a replacement of the account after your inattentive purchase, your request can be rejected.
– Block the customer on The Boxid and do not give a refund in the following cases:
a). The client spams on tickets, email, or chat
b). The client leaves negative reviews or comments about the service on third-party resources
c). The client is rude to technical support or uses cuss words.

1.5. If the client agrees to the rules of the store (at the time of purchase), the CLIENT CONFIRMS that:

– The client has read the detailed description of the accounts;
– The client will change passwords for the accounts and will independently take care of their security in case of prolonged use of purchased accounts;
– The responsibility shifts to the buyer after the purchase is made;
– THE GUARANTEE IS BEING CANCELED in case of the violation of paragraph 1.2. and the client DOES NOT HAVE any claims to the service The Boxid;
– The client refers to all the points above of the agreement.