Discord Direct Message

Buy Discord Direct Message

⚠️ Example URL – https://discord.gg/HAuGwDdP

⚠️ Which servers users you want to send DM, you should write the link of that server ON GROUPS and Message

⚠️ Online members in Targeted Groups should be higher than the order amount.

⚠️ Your invite link must be permanent. You can look at how to do it. Please don’t change your invite link after the purchase.

Important Notes:

1 – For some targeted servers, the users close their dms on privacy settings. If this happens, we will check your niche and find related servers, send dms to related servers’ users

2 – You can put as many as targeted servers (more than 10 will be better). If you add more, it is better for us to process it.

3- Please do not add external links to other social media platforms as your custom message. You can add your discord invite link, emoji and image links to your custom message.

Additional information

Discord Direct Message

100 DM, 500 DM, 1000 DM, 5000 DM